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"We have been having retreats for at least 10 years and everyone thought your presentation was one of the best ones we have had. "
-Lynn C. Coleman Vice President of Administration and Finance, Howard Community College

Lisa is Available for:

  • Manager/Supervisor Training

  • Leadership Retreats

  • Staff Development Training

  • Customized & Specialized Training

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Lisa Giruzzi is a best-selling author, result-producing consultant and an award-winning trainer with more than twenty-five years of experience in organizational and individual development. She specializes in causing breakthrough results for her clients by giving them access to a whole new level of power and performance

Lisa has dedicated her life to making a difference in the lives of others.  After graduating with a BA in Psychology from The University at Albany, Lisa began her career in the field of social work primarily working with families in distress.

Her experience in the field of human services left her with one profound lesson – positive, lasting change takes more than information – it takes a transformation – a profound shift in one’s worldview.  From that time, she has made it her mission to learn everything she could about causing and achieving sustainable positive change. Lisa has immersed herself in transformational work with the leading authorities on the subject and has developed her own unique approach enabling others to create the results they want.

In 1998, Lisa Giruzzi founded her own coaching company, which later became Transformational Conversations (2003) offering business consulting and coaching. Since then thousands of people and numerous organizations have benefited from Lisa’s unique ability to help them achieve their goals and attain success.  Transformational Conversations specializes in causing breakthrough performance for individuals and organizations. Today, Lisa continues to focus on her mission: causing a positive revolution in change in the workplace.

Ms. Giruzzi is the author of two books: 31 Days to Transform Your Life and Bringing Out The Best In Your Employees: The Ultimate Guide for Managers and Supervisors to Engage and Empower Employees to Be More Successful and Productive Through Effective Communication which was called, “…fast moving and insightful…” by peak performance expert and New York Times Best Selling Author Brian Tracy.

Additionally, Lisa is a co-author of 42 Rules for Creating WE which Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry, called “today’s greatest guide for team success.” The book reached #1 on Amazon in Leadership, Management, Motivation, and Organizational Behavior, and was an overall bestseller. Lisa Giruzzi is a founding member of The Creating WE Institute, an international group of critical thinkers who are creating new forms of engagement and innovation in the workplace.

In 2012, Lisa co-founded EMS Leadership Academy in order to enhance Emergency Medical Services Organizations’ ability to create thriving and sustainable organizations.

In addition to coaching and consulting, Lisa Giruzzi is a sought after speaker captivating audiences with her lively, vivacious personality and powerful message at keynotes, presentations and workshops nationwide. In 2013, The American Society of Training and Development Hudson Mohawk Chapter recognized Lisa as the Trainer of the Year. To see Lisa in action click here.