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"We have been having retreats for at least 10 years and everyone thought your presentation was one of the best ones we have had. "
-Lynn C. Coleman Vice President of Administration and Finance, Howard Community College

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Communication for Geniuses


• Have highly intelligent, analytical, introverted employees who are super smart but socially challenged?

• “Work around” certain people in your organization due to their personality or communication style?

• Have employees who struggle to connect with others and find it difficult to work on a team?

• Sometimes feel geniuses are more trouble than they are worth?

COMMUNICATION FOR GENIUSES is a coaching program specifically designed for highly intelligent, analytical, introverted individuals such as some engineers, physicists, scientists and IT professionals to help them communicate more effectively.


• Increase capacity to positively influence others and decrease negative communication.

• Increase ability to collaborate and work effectively on a team.

• Expand awareness of detrimental impact of current communication style.

• Enhance ability to recognize and interrupt conversational patterns that are destructive or harmful.

• Improve interpersonal skills, including speaking effectively and empathizing accurately, listening respectfully to differing points of view and having productive communications with positive outcomes.

• Cause positive, long-­term change in the individual’s ability to communicate effectively.


Positive, long term change in the area of communication does not happen with the traditional “tips and strategies” approach. How a person communicates is a result of their thinking and their worldview.

People always do and say things that make sense… to them. In other words a person speaks according to what he or she perceives is happening rather than what is actually happening often causing them to miss obvious cues and completely misinterpret situations.

Consequently, sustainable change takes more than information – it takes a transformation.

It requires inquiring into the deeply ingrained attitudes and beliefs of the individual, a shift in their worldview and a discovery process to find effective ways to communicate.

“We noticed changes immediately in T.P. and over the course of the program with Lisa, we saw a great deal of improvement. He is better able to get his ideas across and answer questions effectively.”
– A.M. (T.P.’s Supervisor)


Discovery Phase: First, an initial session is held with the individual to identify their desired outcomes from the program. Then, a select number of key stakeholders within the organization are interviewed to assess the perception and impact of the individual’s current communication style.

Coaching Phase: This phase begins with a one-­on-­one “workshop” to introduce the individual to a new framework for communication. After the workshop, eight to ten coaching sessions are conducted either in person or via telephone to insure integration of the concepts.

Lisa Giruzzi will meet with the individual’s manager a minimum of three times during the course of the program. Initially to identify specific needs and criteria for success, at the midpoint to discuss progress and at the conclusion to insure the objectives have been met.

*This program is typically offered to individuals however it can be modified for a group.

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“This program was more than informational. It was transformational. It changed my life! I am more confident and able to deal with difficult people more effectively.” – R.G. (Engineer, Manager)

“I was skeptical at first but Lisa’s style and method really put me at ease. The coaching helped me to see that the way I communicated was holding me back from advancing in my company. Working with Lisa has been very beneficial to me.”         – D.D. (Physicist)

“I really struggled with communication, especially under pressure. After working with Lisa, communication is easier and more natural. I learned so much. I think everyone would benefit from this program.”  – T.P. (Engineer)