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"We have been having retreats for at least 10 years and everyone thought your presentation was one of the best ones we have had. "
-Lynn C. Coleman Vice President of Administration and Finance, Howard Community College

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What Every Manager Should Know About Effective Workplace Communication

The first thing you should know if you want to bring out the best in people is your people are people; they are not things. This may sound silly to say given it’s obvious however check yourself out. How often do you relate to the people you work with as the decisions you’ve made about […]

Communication-911 is Friday, 1/17/14 @ 1:30 Eastern

Communication-911: What’s Your Emergency?

Communication-911: What’s Your Emergency?

Are you “All in”?

“All in” is another way of saying are you committed? Most people have a weak relationship to commitment or being committed. In other words, they are committed unless a good enough reason not to comes up. They relate to commitment like it is optional or it depends on the circumstances at the time. It sounds […]

Resolutions are Ridiculous!

This is the year I am going to… get in shape, lose weight, quit smoking, make six figures, be more assertive, be kinder, have more patience, etc.

Good ideas, great intentions and likely you were incredibly committed at the time of saying them but predictably you will give up on your resolutions within a matter […]

What is your face saying?

I was walking through a store today and for some reason I started noticing the facial expressions of the people around me. It was amazing how much I was assessing and interpreting based strictly on their facial expressions.

It got me thinking about how unconscious most of us are to the […]

What’s it costing you?

Ineffective communication and miscommunication costs businesses millions and millions of dollars each year. Everything from incorrect orders, to inefficient processes, to people becoming disengaged and reducing productivity, to delivering something to a wrong address – these are just a few examples of how miscommunication and ineffective communication negatively impact the bottom line in […]

Setting Goals is B.S.

That’s right, I said it. Setting goals is B.S. (Barely Sufficient)

There is so much hype to set goals and objectives as we move into the New Year . It is as if people have magical thinking when it comes to goal setting. There is nothing wrong with setting goals however the act of setting […]

“If you want something done right….

You have to do it yourself.” I hear this all the time. It is a common complaint. Another version is, “It’s just easier to do it myself than to explain it to someone.”

These statements are either given as an excuse not to delegate or as a put down of another […]

Ugh!! These Kids Today…

How to Resolve Intergenerational Communication Issues in the Workplace With Ease

The key to resolving Intergenerational Communication Issues is to first discover what are your underlying attitudes and beliefs about the other generations at your workplace?

Do you ever think any of these thoughts or have any of these beliefs:

These “kids” think they know […]

The Hidden Cost of Maybe

Maybe often seems like the sensible answer, neither yes nor no. It’s a safe answer, isn’t it? Maybe can take many forms. Statements such as “I’ll think about it,” “I have to check my calendar,” “I don’t want to commit then disappoint,” “I don’t want to make a mistake,” I’ll wait and see,” […]