Executive Coaching & Team Communications Training
in Albany, New York

As a peak performance coach and consultant, I help executive leaders identify their blind spots and work with clear state of mind thus optimizing performance.

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Are you an executive in Albany, NY looking to take your leadership skills to the next level? As someone who has grown up in the Capital Region, and worked with leaders from around the globe, I am here to help you achieve your business goals and access new heights of success.

With a personalized coaching program, you'll gain valuable insights and tools to help you maximize your performance, communicate more effectively, and build stronger relationships with your team. As an experienced coach, I have worked with executives from a wide range of industries, and I am committed to helping you achieve your unique objectives.

Whether you're looking to overcome specific challenges, build your confidence, or simply become a more effective leader, Transformational Conversations' Executive Coaching services can help you get there. We offer one-on-one coaching sessions, group workshops, and a range of resources to support your ongoing growth and development.

Your organization did not settle for mediocrity in choosing their leaders, we invite you to pick an exceptional coach to support you. Contact Lisa today to learn more about our Executive Coaching services and start your journey towards success.

As a proud graduate of the University of Albany, I'm excited to work with other local leaders who are out to make a difference in the culture of their organizations. 

With my book, Bringing Out the Best in Your Employees, it's designed for managers and supervisors to get the most for their business by empowering and engaging employees.

I also authored the book 31 Days to Transform Your Life, co-author, 42 Rules for Creating WE, and Making Good of the Order the BEST Part of Your Meetings.


Shawn Moodie

"Lisa has been a coach & mentor of mine for several years. She has an incredible ability to help you discover blindspots and get out of your own way. Through coaching with her I was able to gain clarity and take new actions which has had a profound impact on both my business & personal life. The results I have experienced are ongoing and tremendously valuable. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking to get to the next level of success."

Alex Jarvis

"Lisa completely shattered any preconceived notions I had about what a business coach does! Not only is she a genuine and caring person who really made me feel comfortable but her work as a coach already has helped me in my business. I highly recommend Lisa to any business owners to help themselves improve in realistic ways or for their employees!"

Mark Borst

Managing Partner at Rampant Imaginations

"I recently completed a coaching cycle with Lisa, and the outcomes have totally changed my outlook on my business and helped me focus on the goals that are most important to me. The coaching sessions probably won't be what you expect (no long lectures or handouts) and that is good thing. What happens is an expanding of your thinking in ways better than you can possibly imagine, allowing you to see your world in a totally different way that is super conducive to "out of the routine" thinking.

After working with Lisa, my business is having the largest growth ever, and I am learning valuable tools to increase my business and increase my free time. Now, I am learning how to truly run my business, and not let it run me. I can't recommend Transformational Conversations enough."

Stephanie Swald

Upstate Balloon Company

"Lisa, with Transformational Conversations, is a great coach and inspirational speaker. As a speaker she will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the world. As a coach she looks at what is going on and helps you to see a new way to think about a problem as well as has practical, easy to apply solutions. If you are looking for an experienced business coach who can help you with the next step then I highly recommend Transformational Conversations."

D.J. & Sue

Current Client 

"We cannot say enough good things about Lisa. Every business benefits from outside perspective, and Lisa has provided coaching for us over the past 12 years. She asks questions that make us think about how we view our operations, emphasizing the development of future orientation for our business. Lisa’s extensive training, her wise perspective, and her special talent for helping people achieve their goals has given her the ability to guide her clients with respect and ease. Our business is much better off having hired her."

Common Questions about Executive Coaching

Q: What is executive coaching?

A: Executive coaching is a professional development process that helps executives, managers, and other leaders improve their leadership capacity, communication abilities, and management skills in order to overcome challenges, and achieve their goals. Coaches work one-on-one with clients to help them identify their strengths and areas for improvement, set goals, and develop strategies to achieve those goals.

Q: What are the benefits of executive coaching?

A: Executive coaching can provide a wide range of benefits, including improved communication skills, enhanced emotional intelligence, increased confidence, better decision-making abilities, stronger leadership skills, and more. By working with a coach, executives can overcome specific challenges, set and achieve goals, and take their careers to the next level.

Q: How long does executive coaching typically last?

A: The length of an executive coaching engagement can vary depending on the client's needs and goals. Some coaching engagements may last for several months, while others may continue for a year or longer. I offer packages that include a specific number of coaching sessions over a set period of time.

Q: Is executive coaching confidential?

A: Yes, executive coaching is confidential. Coaches are bound by a code of ethics that requires them to maintain client confidentiality. The coaching relationship is based on trust, and coaches work to create a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore their challenges and opportunities.

Q: How do I know if executive coaching is right for me?

Executive coaching can be beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their leadership and management skills, overcome challenges, and achieve their goals. If you're an executive, manager, or other leader who wants to take your career to the next level, executive coaching may be right for you. Contact me to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and goals.

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