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The Hidden Cost of Maybe

Maybe often seems like the sensible answer, neither yes nor no.  It’s a safe answer, isn’t it?  Maybe can take many forms. Statements such as “I’ll think about it,” “I have to check my calendar,” “I don’t want to commit then disappoint,” “I don’t want to make a mistake,” I’ll wait and see,” keep us from choosing either yes or no. These statements all seem reasonable.

That’s the point.  “Maybe” puts the reasons of your life in charge of the outcome. In other words, the hidden cost of maybe is that it takes YOU out of the driver’s seat of your life and you become a passenger along for the ride.

This is not a little cost. This is BIG.  Consider that each time you say “maybe,” or fail to choose, you weaken yourself.  It is one more time when the circumstances of your life win. One more time the reasons – no matter how good – are more powerful than you are.  Alas, you couldn’t do what you wanted because _________ (fill in the blank).

Another way that maybe weakens you is that it splits you in two. You have reasons for and against and you don’t choose, the reasons do.  You are not powerfully committed to either camp.  Your actions are hesitant; you tread lightly, waiting to see. When actions are tentative, results are too.

Lack of confidence, insecurity, not wanting to make mistakes, be wrong, look foolish, fail, hurt someone’s feelings, etc. are all expressions of fear.  Fear is generally at the root of maybe. Conquering this fear with decisive action empowers you and allows you to be in charge of your life.  You become stronger, build confidence, and learn to trust your resourcefulness.  You stop fearing the outcome because you know that you are well equipped to handle whatever happens.

And yes, sometimes you’ll fail but even that has freedom in it.  When you can own that you did it, not the economy, not the weather, not the myriad of circumstances in your life, it was you… the one in charge.

Do you have difficulty choosing? Do you get stuck in maybe? If so, you are a good candidate for Lisa’s coaching program. Contact her today to schedule your free strategy session.

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