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Why You Don’t Need Buy-In

Often times when I am providing training to managers or employees of an organization someone will pipe up and say, “In order for this to work, we need buy-in from the top”. And I always respond the same way, “Why?” Why is buy-in from anyone necessary for change to happen?

“We need buy-in” is one of those things we think, say and believe without questioning whether or not it is true. I mean come on… everyone knows you need buy in, right?

Well, what if it isn’t true? What if to cause real lasting change you don’t need “buy in”? (Is your head about to blow off with all the reasons I am wrong about this? Good.)

Saying, “buy in” is needed is a convenient way of avoiding responsibility.  It puts the blame on those people who aren’t buying in rather than on you for not causing them to see/understand what’s needed.

Gandhi caused massive change without getting buy-in from the top. He was one guy who took a stand and said, “This shall be.”  Then he took actions consistent with his commitment. One of his most famous quotes illustrates my point, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

If you want change in your workplace, stop looking for others to do it for you. Stop pointing the finger at the reasons why not and start being and acting differently. If you want to be included more in decisions, be inclusive. If you want more collaboration, be collaborative. If you want better communication make it your business to communicate better.

You will be absolutely blown away at the changes that happen around you when you stop relying on “buy-in” and start relying on yourself.

One client I worked with who wanted more positivity at her office simply started asking for employees to share high point experiences with one another at the beginning of each weekly staff meeting. The culture shifted from negative to positive in a matter of weeks. No “buy-in” was required. All my client did was decide what she wanted and began taking actions consistent with her commitment.

What change do you want most in your workplace? What can you do differently starting today to cause the change you want?  Need help figuring it out? Contact me to schedule a free strategy session.


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