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Setting Goals is B.S.

That’s right, I said it. Setting goals is B.S. (Barely Sufficient)

There is so much hype to set goals and objectives as we move into the New Year . It is as if people have magical thinking when it comes to goal setting. There is nothing wrong with setting goals however the act of setting them is insufficient for actually reaching the goals.

The main problem with goal setting is that once you set your goal you think the next step is to figure out what problems you need to solve or what needs to be fixed or what barriers you need to overcome to get to your goal. It goes something like this… “In 2014 I am going to double my income (goal). I am going to have to get more disciplined and focused in order to reach my goal (fixing).” That kind of thinking is the cause of not getting to your goal. It becomes this arduous process of sucking it up, putting your nose to the grindstone and forcing an outcome.

When you do it right, setting goals and creating the pathway to getting there can be exciting, invigorating and fun. No doubt you have had this experience from time to time in your life. Creating something, i.e., a goal, is not about fixing something that already exists to make it better. Rather, creating is about bringing something that doesn’t exist into reality.

A good example is the compact disc (CD). The CD was invented during the height of the cassette tape popularity. The inventors of the CD did not “fix” the cassette tape, nor did they go around destroying the cassette tapes in order to create the CD.  The CD was invented independent of the cassette tape and because it was so awesome, it made cassette tapes obsolete.

Instead of merely setting a goal for 2014, ask yourself, “What do you want to create, i.e., what do you want to bring into existence?”  Then begin spending time thinking about what you are creating, dwelling in the world of what you are creating.  Imagine that you achieved it, what actions would you have taken to accomplish it?

Focus on what you are creating. Keep your attention on bringing it into being. Deal with stuff that comes up as part of the creative process; just things that need to get handled (not barriers to your creation). Every creation has design constraints. Airplanes were invented inside the constraints of aerodynamics and gravity. The constraints are not barriers unless you say they are.  So, what are YOU creating in 2014?

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